Inner city spanish teacher….too much stress

I was a middle school teacher. Before that I was in college….I always wanted to be a
teacher…my mother was a teacher, I loved my teachers. I just wanted to be a teacher. I
looked for the job, saw it in a trade journal…educational newspaper for the east
coast…I had been subbing for a while, filling in for maternity leave and this was a full
time position developing a language course at an inner city Boston school. I worked there
for 1 school year.

I loved being a teacher….that’s what kept me going..and my kids..middle school kids are
the best. I loved the kids wit…kids are very witty…unpredictable…you never know what
is going to come out of their mouths. It’s like training the beast. The challenge of
getting inner city black kids to like spanish…it was a challenge…

I didn’t like the administrator…they didn’t care about these kids…it was an african
american woman so she should care about the kids (african americans) more…the kids
didn’t respect her. The school was dirty. She was a bad manager so the school was dirty.
She had teachers who weren’t certified…there were a lot of bad teachers there…out of
20 teachers, like 10 were certified..people who actually go through training programs….

I quit because I found myself working late…like til 11 oclock…every night…taking the
kids problems home with me…abuse, teen pregnancy…I took the stress home and had a lot
of anxiety from my job…you don’t really make a difference…you can touch maybe 1 or 2
kids, but the kids move on…they do drugs…there is nothing you can do. I looked at some
of the teachers who were there 20 years and I didn’t want to become like they
were…frustrated, old, sour women….I had bad managers…it was my first experience, but
I didn’t want to end up like that…there was never immediate satisfaction.

I quit in order to have less stress…..I am a fellowship program coordinator for
future NYC doctors. I saw the job in the NY times, interviewed for it, and got it….I
took it, becaue I had to quit being a teacher and I needed to start….a new
career…something with less stress than a teacher where I had had some training…I just
got really sick and tired….

In 5 years, hopefully I’ll have an assistant deanship here….30 years?  who