An Overworked Video Rental Company Employee

I work for the #1 Video Rental Company (not Hollywood Video). I’ve been there over two years now. On top of listening to jerks complain about movie rental prices, this company underpays its employees big time. I just make over $7 an hour. On top of that, this year it delayed my yearly Merit Raise until early next year. So no raise this year. I also just found out that we get NOTHING for Christmas this year. Not even a Fucking dvd of ELF. Over the weekend, some Fuckwads from Corporate came into the store, saw the Christmas Decorations and told us to take them down. Scrooge. Then there is the pressure they put on me to sell, sell, sell. At this point, they can go to hell, hell, hell. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am middle aged and haven’t been able to find another job, I would have been gone already.

We recently had “inventory issues” and they decided that one of their 6 employees was stealing. (Yes I said 6 employees). We had a mandatory meeting where two big wigs implied that it was one of us who did it. After this group meeting, I had to meet separately with these two. At this point I was given the chance to come clean or tattle on a co-worker if I felt like it. What a fucking joke. Talk about disgruntled. I’m past that. I now just don’t care. You won’t see me selling shit. I’ve slowed down about 50% and no longer care if everything in the store is straightened, priced correctly or restocked. I’ll leave it for someone else to do. Can’t wait for the day I leave so I can tell a customer to get their own fucking movie off the shelf and get the fuck out of the store.!!!