Postal Service Clerk….good pay, but too many Post Office psycho nuts.

HI, I work for the Postal Service as a clerk in Texas.

I don’t know anybody that really likes woking at the P.O. , like myself , it all goes back to the benifits and money.I’ve been working here for 13 years and would love to quit but couldn’t make this kind of money antwhere else. It’s boring, you have no since of never get through , there is always more mail. I think the P.O. has too many phyco nuts !

The pay is good , but after 13 years I’m still working nights which I hate. maybe in another couple of years I’ll get a day job. I have no desire to go into management , there is too much military leadership. In other words they say jump and you say how high. They can’t fire anybody so a lot people get away with stuff they would be fired for in the real world !

My advice : think long and hard before choosing the Post Office as a life long career.