Not So Swift Transportation…regional trucking worker

The title should say it all if you live in the transportation/supply industry. Swift transportation is nationally known for bad customer service and perpetually late loads. After a bad separation from my first husband, I moved down south and got a job in Customer Service with this company.

Don’t get me wrong- at first they were top-notch. I always got the recognition and support that I needed, and if I was right, my boss would argue with God himself for me. Enter stage left: “Dave”.

Dave was a has-been poorly performing recently demoted terminal manager who returned to our terminal because he couldn’t cut it in Pennsylvania. Other managers knew about Dave’s ineptitude as a manager, but did nothing about it because they were too busy perfecting their cunilingus and felatio skills.

But…that’s later in the story. Let me tell you about…THE ACQUISITION. Dave was well known for firing people at the drop of a hat, then yelling later on about the turnover rate (you created it, you tool…). Dave was not known for his leadership skills.

You see, Swift transportation is largely staffed by people hired by their cousin, uncle, mother, father, etc. You get the picture. Quality may be job one at Ford, but nepotism is job one at Swift. For instance- I was on night shift, and worked with a girl that had little or no education, was hopelessly ugly and fat (not bad things, I understand, but it was a package thing- a package thing…she was hideous) & mean and incredibly gossipy. She was hired by her mother. She and her mother are both well known for doing fellow employees. This girl first got married at the ripe old age of 15, and has gone steadily downhill since then. She’s perpetually stupid, and there are many like her on the rolls at Swift.

But back to THE ACQUISITION. A couple of years ago, Swift decided to buy MS Carriers. At first, it sounded like a good decision, but shortly after, things began to happen. Longtime employees were “displaced” to make room for MS employees. Long time promotions and raises were put on the back burner. The explanation we received on that one was “the acquisition took more capital than we thought.” The crowning glory of this horror story was when Swift began forcing employees to sign statements saying that they wouldn’t sue them if they were unable to reach an agreement on anything. Not illegal in itself, but they started telling people that if these were not signed, there would be no more raises for that employee. Poor shop employees were also told that they would not be paid for overtime work.

The reason that I left was this: daytime driver managers are ineffective, hopelessly inept, and unable to successfully complete any given task. Because of this fact, night time driver managers were expected to clean up after them, and do their jobs as well as day time driver managers’ jobs. We were told that we would do an additional Saturday day time shift every four weeks, and it didn’t matter if you had just finished working the night before. You HAD to do it. My question was why weren’t the daytime driver managers required to come in and complete this task? Why night shift? Night shift at this particular location consisted of 5 on, 5 off, 2 on, 2 off- twelve hour shifts. Holidays don’t count. The regular schedule in itself was harsh enough. Don’t add anything else to the mix.

I finally lost my temper with “Dave”, and walked out- but not before I told him that he was a fat $%#%, and he could take his night shift job and shove it up his a double-scribble. I have since found a dream job with a great homebuilder, working in their accounting department. It’s a wonderful job, and I am eternally grateful to them for the chance to prove myself!