Idiosycrasies in Wally World….department store cashier

I work at big discount department store. For the most part I love my job, but on days like today I wish I had a better one. The best things of my job, of course, are the pay and benefits, and the worse parts are the customers.

Oftentimes it’s my lot to deal with hard up female customers who expect more than they are getting, and dealing with their prejudice, stupidity, and other idiosycrasies really frustrate me! It’s like since I’m a cashier I am to be their personal slave or servant to wait upon them hand and foot.

I’ve been doing this job for over three years, and I’ve incurred physical problems from this job, which are effected when lifting heavy items. Customers tend to think I (we) are stupid and cannot tell things by common sense (like putting food in with chemicals). Some customers have the warmth and charm of the Sahara desert. They act like I want to steal their credit cards or ID’s so I can wreck havoc on their financial lives. I wish people would wake up and smell the coffee burning!

It’s a strange feeling to look up at a long line of hard looking females who secretly feel it’s their fifth amendment right to get out of the store fast as lightning! Give me a break! Then you get those uppity people who act higher and mightier than the Queen of England.

I wonder how much more I can take? I hold on as it’s the best paying job I’ve had. Sometimes I wish I could just get to the Grand Canyon and bellow out a good scream. It’s a funny thing to realize I make a living dealing with both the idiotic, stupid, and mentally challenged people called the public!