A rescue for my nursing career….Mary Kay Representative

I would like to provide a way out for nurses and teachers. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. If you are looking for a change from what you are doing then it will never happen if you don’t keep an open mind. After you start reading my I-story below, you may start thinking, this is just a sales pitch. You are partly right. Because inorder to change a person’s mind from what they have done all along you have to sell them on the idea first. Right?

Well I would like for you to read my I-story. Please give me feedback. Email me at brbb2@msn.com Visit my web site at www.marykay.com/BerniceButler

Hello To The Rest Of My Life
June 29, 2003

My name is Bernice. I have been in nursing for 30 years. When I first started nursing I felt I was really making a difference, by helping people. But now I am not so sure. It has become such a big business industry, the caring side has been left behind. That is why I felt it was time for me to find another profession. I came to this conclusion about ten years ago. I knew that owning my own business was the way I wanted to go. I tried several avenues of money making ideas but none really interested me enough to put my all into them. I was becoming more and more frustrated with the medical profession. It had become like working on an assembly line. Administration increased the workload and did not care about how the job would get done, they just said do it, and keep all of the clients happy while you do it. On a bad day, you may have your director, several family members, the doctor, and the patient all on your back at the same time for something you didn’t do, or for something you had no control over. But still you had to smile and say I can help you. Well one night I prayed to be delivered from all of that. I wanted OUT! I prayed for something to change. I prayed that I be given the insight to recognize the sign when God would answer my prayer. I believed he would because he said all we need to do is just ask.

That night Ann the unit secretary was explaining Mary Kay to someone and I got into the conversation because it sounded so interesting. It sounded just like what I was looking for. I have always tried to follow the Golden Rule all of my life. When Ann mentioned that Mary Kay built her company around the Golden Rule I knew this was the sign I had been looking for. What is better than to work for a company that followed a philosophy that I have tried to live all my life. This was it! The more Ann spoke of the company the more interested I became. I could have my own business, help enrich the lives of other women, and work for a company that cared about me.

I knew this because Mary Kay believed in putting God first, family second and my job third. To live my life in this order, I knew all of the frustrations I had before would all fly out of the window.

Mary Kay is known for giving away the pink Cadillac but this is not what got me excited. Having a rewarding business career of my own, without all of the hassle and frustrations like before and still be able to make a difference in the lives of others while earning a generous salary, is what sold me. I was ready to put my name on the dotted line and say good-bye to a thirty-year career of headaches and say hello to the rest of my life. And that is exactly what I did.