Don’t piss of your incestuous coworkers…… record industry professional

(interviewed and written from memory)

I currently work for a small music marketing company in Los Angeles. At my last job, for a bigger music company, I could finish my work in 5 hours of the week and the rest of the time, I would sit and wonder what everybody else was doing. Now I work at a smaller company and I have a ton of stuff to do, but I love being busy. I need it.

The thing about the music industry is that it’s very incestuous. I work in Los Angeles and you can’t go to any club without running into the same people all the time. I swear I see this one guy every single time I go out. I’d never piss anyone off in this industry as everyone knows everyone.

At the same time, it’s kind of lame because whenever you meet one of these music industry people, they often introduce themselves as ‘Bob from EMI’ or ‘Steve from ADA’. It’s like you are your company and everyone is trying to figure out what you can do for them. I’d much rather be known for myself and I don’t tell people my ‘company’ any more.

I don’t usually help out musician friends. I could, but the ones who are good don’t need my help and the ones who aren’t…well, I don’t want to jeopardize my credibility for someone who isn’t going to make it anyway.

I did help one friend who was decent. He was more of an acquaintance actually, and it blew up in my face. Basically, he decided, without my permission, to mail demos to all the record companies in town with my email address as the ‘manager’. Since I worked at a record company, my ‘’ email address was supposed to give him an in. I had lunch with him one day and told him how bad it would be for me if my company president saw his demo. I ended up having to call every company which he sent the demo to and explain that I had nothing to do with this band. Months later, I was actually at one of his shows where one of my colleagues took an interest in his music. But his interest cooled after I explained that this was the same band that had used my name without permission.

Like I said, be careful with your reputation as it’s a small world in the record industry.