Blue Collar Blues…….HVAC technician

I stumbled on this page by typing “Change my life” in a google search. The first thing I read was the post by the Software/contract Engineer and I am still recovering from the goosebumps.

Obviously, by the title I work as blue collar, in the HVAC industry. I grew up without much, and didnt expect to amount to much, but I ended up doing well for myself, and being a “fix-it” kinda guy I enrolled in trade school, and became an HVAC technician. I do well for myself, am licenced making good money, and own a rental property and my one family home with my wife of 1 1/2 years. I’ve been working for the same company for the last 7 years, which at one point was the greatest job of my life.

My job involves ALOT of labor intensive activities, and I take complete pride, in every job I do. I even take pictures of my work when its complete, (usually earlier than the stated deadline) and I have given this company my all, throughout my employment. During the first year there, I got into computers. Deep. I tought myself how to build them, as well as use many of the top name graphics software, and I know my way around any version of Windows. I know I have much much more to learn, and the learning will never end when it comes to the technical side. Basically I am at the same point as the software/contractor guy.

The picture he painted, is the exact, photocopy, of the way I came home from work today. I’m 30 years old, and would love to start a new career. I love SOME of the people I work with, but for the most part, its nothing but crunchy granola eating woodsmen with beerguts. A few would give the shirt from thier back if you needed it, but for the most part, they are all over worked, drunks. I’ve tried to “move up”
in the company, to maybe handling the computers and network, as it is a large fuel company I work for. The guy that is doing it now truly is behind the times when it comes to anything involving computers. They didnt take me seriously.

Reading the other story, the thought of “The grass isnt always greener” came across. I just want to be happy, with my job, my life. The “American Dream” as its called. Seems like that dream is alot harder to find then expected I guess. I didnt get into alot of the details of the crap I deal with at work. The unhuman hours they ask, excuse me, TELL me I have to do, or i’ll have to go. Or the things they ask me to do, which are clearly against code, and certain laws.

I have an interview tomorrow morning with another fuel company. I have to get out of where I am at. I’d love to take a leap, and try something new, but how? With mortage payments, school loans, and the rest of the bills, I cant afford to work a night shift somewhere for peanuts while I go to school, again. My wife supports me mentally somewhat, but she knows as well that we need 2 incomes. I dont drink, but something strong would be nice about now.

Well, thank you software engineer. Your not alone.