administration should put on nursing scrubs……..surgical technician

I am a surgical technician working in Northeastern Pa. I understand alot of the complaints I am reading about the nursing profession. I too, have been sadly disappointed in what I’ve found in the professional setting.

We say that our patient is the first priority and this is exactly how it should be. However, there are so many restraints placed upon us it is difficult to keep the patient first and still accomplish all that is expected of us.

Nursing is not what it used to be and probably never will be again. I cannot believe there really is a shortage of nurses but nurses that have left the profession because patient care is not truly the first priority.

Administration needs to come out of their offices, put on some scrubs and be a silent listener. They need to see firsthand how the process breaks down. They need to be privy to the abuse nurses take from the surgeons, and yes, from each other.

I would be interested to hear from others how disipline is handled in other facilities. Are there nurses that are simply permitted to be abusive? Aren’t they held accountable? How many warnings are enough? How are doctors handled who lose their tempers and use foul language within ear shot of patients….over and over? Is foul lanquage such an acceptable way of expression that we just subject our customers to it?

If our staff spoke to our docs the way our docs speak to the staff we would be out the door. Any comments from other OR staffers?