Problems, problems as Bank of America Customer… website owner

I am currently a Bank of America Customer. Hopefully not for much longer. I’ll start by simply stating “I never wanted to be a Bank of America customer!”.

I was with Nations Bank. I had no problems with the bank EVER. Their customer service was excelent, the responses were concice and accurate. My statements were ALWAYS accurate. And then some morons decided to get together and make one giant ugly bank that can’t seem to operate without a huge amount of errors and issues.

Here is ‘my list’ of complaints.
1: I was charged $160.00 for a $16.00 meal in a local restraunt. I noticed the error BEFORE I signed anything at the counter (this was on my debit card). The restraunt reauthorized the meal for $16.00 and I signed THAT receipt. I ended up getting charged for $160.00 AND $16.00 from my account! I called and complained. Was given a ‘temporary credit’ and two weeks later, charged for both transactions. I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth ever since then.

2: I own a business. One of the larger fashion web sites in the world. I recently asked for a line of credit to cover operating expenses during fashion week, This occures in the various cities around the world. Thus airfare, hotels and petty cash for my writters and photographers can add up fairly quickly during this period of time. I applied for a line of credit and waited the three days I was asked to wait. After this, I didn’t hear back. Thus, I called for the bank manager (Doug). He had an emergency that day. So, I called the next day. He was not available (at another location). But, a message was left. He never made it into the office that day and I waited an additional day. Another two days later, still no response. After going to the branch and asking for the manager. I was told he had ‘another emergency’ and was out of the office. I was told they would call him and have him call me. I returned tot he branch and asked the available people to look up the status of my line of credit request. They couldn’t seem to locate it. I began to get concerned. I called the telephone banking center and was told ‘Your point of contact is the branch.’. Since the branch was unresponsive and couldn’t seem to locate any information, I began to complain. I was diplomatic, understanding, and kind to these morons. I did finally hear from someone named Nancy at BofA telling me my credit line was declined after I began to more strongly complain about a lack of responsivness. My very next phone call was to Bank One. Where I was ‘quickly looked over’ and offered a 50K line of credit. I see this as ‘highly dubious’ and ‘questionable behaviour’ on the branch managers part.