Loves Nursing, but not the system….LPN Nurse

I’m an old LPN, graduated in 1964. I’ve seen alot let me tell yah, but I love the work and I love the patients. Ive seen nursing change tremendously since I’ve been one and it hasn’t changed for the better! When I was trained I went to school for 12 full months, I lived in a dorm and we had 12 instructors and we rotated through every service. We also had to work one weekend a month for free and for the experience. My schooling cost $175 for the year and the dorm was $20/month. When I got out of school I started at $1.21hr. I had a brand new car, 1964 Corvair, which cost $3200. I had an apartment and lots of nice clothes, I could buy anything I wanted and flew to Ft.Lauderdale for a 3 day weekend one year over New Years.

The nurses I worked with….we were a team, we did our assignments but we enjoyed working together, we enjoyed exchanging our concerns and expertise, the bosses didn’t boss they helped us care for patients. They were right in there checking the orders and talking to the doctors and making sure all those patients were being taken care of by the doctors. The boss knew her nurses were doing their jobs, she didn’t have to mistrust that…..the boss didn’t mistrust the physician either, the doctors loved being communicated to about the problems someone was having so that he could order good treatments and care for what were his patients and his bread and butter. He knew his patients and he truely cared about them. So did the nurses. But now……..for instance in a nursing home….they have a medical director….he has most of the patients…..he comes in and sees them, but he doesn’t have time to get to know them…and enjoy them, and maybe attached to them…he quickly views the notes the nurses has left for him and then he quickly runs into to see the patient an maybe listens to their hearts and runs back out and the patient does’t remember seeing him or talking to him..he was going so fast it must have been a blur….worse than that the doctor that never sees his patient….comes in an writes some new order once a month so he can paid and never saw the patient. We see this in a hospital too….doctors non-caring attitudes and non-participation in the stranger they are writing orders for. Then , in these nursing homes…the aides think they are the nurses…..they will become very attached to the patient but then try to exclude the nurse from the process and talk to the families as tho they are the author and finisher of their care.

The family doesn’t know that they are not a nurse…because they also wear white per the administators desire, so family can say “boy this place has alot of nurses working her”.To the CNA , the nurse is only a med passer….and there is talk that CNA’s will be trained one day as Med. Tech’s and take over the nurses job…..

Well , in Assisted Living homes they are already passing meds after a two week course! I remember when the doctors at U.of M. told us we have decided that nurses won’t need to wear their caps…So they took our cap away, our crown and glory ! Next the CNA’s will be taking our jobs…. These CNA’s up here sure do think they are something, but when it comes to knowing what they should know they don’t and report the nurses like crazy in any nursing home I’ve worked in up here.

The nurses in this area are not that well trained or experienced….they have only worked at one job usually since graduating and for one place and haven’t really gotten their feet wet in nursing….this area was like going to a foreign country and try to have some comradery with , which I never felt like I was a part of the team….one R.N. said to me one day…..”I’m going to get you and I”m going to get you good” All because she didn’t have time to listen to my report or assessment or concerns I had for patient. She had to get the med pass started……Well, I should have quit with that comment from her….but instead I forgave her and tried to understand….but I still didn’t like the fact she wanted my mouth muffled while the patients continuity of care went out the window. So, I tried to handle everything I could on my 12hr night shift. I realized all she charted was their food intake and then you couldn’t read her writing anyway….but she had a trust problem too….she said she could’t trust anyone, she turned out to be a nice person and probably a good nurse, but she still made if rough for me…..the ole LPN trying make a difference but never making it…..with her co-workers. Everyone I worked with is just trying to keep their jobs they kiss up to administration and administration kisses them back so their favorites won’t betray them when the state inspectors walz in , but when they are gone , they go back to staff shortages and picking on the help….. I’m running out of room , but I have lots more to say and hopefully in the process we’ll come up with some solutions…I’ll write some more thoughts on it later.