trading nursing uniform for personal trainer

12 years of gruelling work hours and overwhelming responsiblities were unbearable. In order to survive, a nurse must endure, unsafe staffing conditions, inappropriate job assignments, rude co workers, breakless shifts, and substandard pay!

It’s unfortunate that the bedside nurse is so undervalued. Nursing literally sucks the life out of you. Working in an unstable and negative environment is detrimental to one’s health and well being.

Hospitals today trade safe quality patient care for the high and mighty dollar. I witnessed the devasting effects of this for years.

Dealing with a job that is so undesirable was the driving force behind my decision to leave. I moved on and obtained my certification as a personal trainer.

I gain great satisfaction knowing that I can apply my medical background in a positive and healthy approach! I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and start enjoying life again. Not only did I increase my earnings, I actually look forward to my workday!

Nurses, if you feel overwhelmed and cannot take another day of the insanity, know that you can transition to another career and feel happy again. I’m proof of that!