Doctor……content, but not accepted

I was chief resident in the department of general surgery for 8 years. It was a …what
you call it…secondary hospital…it’s in between specialized health center and primary
health center…you could say district hospital. It was in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

Before this, I worked in Pakistan. I was in department of internal medecine for 1 year
and then year and a half in general surgery. I worked in a company named al-aziz
construction company as a company physician. I worked for 2 years. After that, I applied
to the ministry of health, in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh…and I was accepted. I applied because
the company didn’t have any further chance of expanding the knowledge or something like
that…I was working on my own, so I wanted to work in a hospital where I could get the
good experience.

I was satisfied in my job…I was content in my job. As a whole, I liked the hospital
atmosphere..colleagues…salary wise, . I had very good words with my boss and when I
resigned…even some of the local people, they requested the hospital director to request
me to stay there.

Except with 1 thing…the attitude of the people…The people treat you…however long
you stay there…you are still considered to be a foreign particle. Every time they would
come..if you would say something no, they would tell you, “you are here to serve us,
that’s why our government pays you”.

I quit because my wife (who I met in Saudi Arabia) wanted me to move to the United
States for good. I came unprepared, because I had no planning to come to the US…I didn’t
have much idea..the system of exams here or I might have stayed and gotten salary and
passed the exam before coming here. Since I didn’t have much idea, I came unprepared and I
am starting all over again. It took me awhile to pass all these exams. I’m now hoping to
begin my residency.

In 5 years, I hope…after finishing residency…..I most probably will be working as
an attending or I’ll look for a private practice. In 30 years…retired?….I hope still