Love/hate my job….. Psych Nurse

I have been an RN for 25 years, and an aide for 5 years before that.I both love and hate my job. I have never wanted to do anything else.

Nursing has changed alot in this time period.WHen I started we had to wear our caps and get out of chairs for the doctors.Now that would produce a malestrom.

I love my job as a psych nurse because of the patients.They need nurses to advocate for them and be their voices to everyone.It is doubly hard because all my patients a gero psych.

The part I hate is the hospital is onlyinterested in the budget.They have cut our staffing, given us pidly raises that don’t even keep up with inflation,guilt us into coming to work, and the first time some sh=t goes down the nurse is the one that gets blamed or hung out to dry.

I recently got a new supervisor, who is ex military, and she has belittled us all to the point that we would not do a thing extra for her.ANything extra is for the patients.We are lucky the doctors we work with mostly are great guys.