Teaching terrible 2nd graders….a huge mistake!

Where should I begin?

Currently I am a student working
towards my graduate degree in education. I always felt that teaching
was my true calling in life. I was a volunteer teacher for a few years,
and I thoroughly enjoyed that. However that was a number of years ago.

Much has changed in the school world since then. However, ignoring all
warnings from family and friends, I forged on. I enrolled myself in
graduate school. Then I decided that it would be a good experience for
me to actually work as a teacher while I’m in school. I figured that
that would give me a balanced view of it. So I took on full-time
courses with a full-time teaching job. I was so full of optimism, or
rather should I call it naivety. I’ve been teaching second grade for
nearly two months now and I have to say I’ve made a huge mistake.

job is definitely not for me. So I handed in my letter of resignation
today. I feel so much happier doing so. However now I’m wondering if I
should even finish my studies. I’m less than a year away from my
Master’s degree, but should I bother since I now know that I definitely
do not want to be a teacher.

The students are horrible, badly behaved,
undisciplined, disrespectful and even violent. They seem to think
they’re in school to socialize and goof off. Their parents are a
frightening bunch of monsters I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!

So I’m
going back to my former profession in the health care field. I was
foolish to leave it behind. I guess the moral of this true story is, be
certain of what your true calling is in life, otherwise you could end
up in some of the most ridiculous and expensive predicaments