Sick of lazy coworker…..ultrasound technician

I am an ultrasound tech and one of the job requirements is to take call. Whatever night you are on call you have to do all of the portable exams for that day which means you have to push around a heavy machine and perform exams bedside.

We have one tech that does not take call because he is raising his kid on his own and says that his kid is so out of control that he must be with him every night (keep in mind that his mother is about a 10 minute drive from him, so she can’t watch him for one lousy night a week? She is young enough and I am sure she would love to have her grandson over for the night). This guy HATES doing portable exams and has said so on a few occasions and since he doesn’t take call the rest of us have to pick up his day doing inpatients. I cannot seem to get management to see that he should still have to do inpatients one day of the week instead of the rest of us having to share taking his call and doing his inpatients for that day.
I have yet to meet his kid and I am beginning to doubt that the boy is out of control like he says he is. I think he is using him to get out of taking call. I just have zero tolerance for lazy coworkers and it is difficult for me to have any respect for someone who will not even offer to help me with my inpatients if I am bombarded with orders. I just think he is a self-centered person that uses other people to make his life easier. He has so many of the others feeling sorry for him, they think it is so sad that his son gives him grief.

Everytime he starts one of his sob stories about his son I have to leave the room because I cannot stomach such bull shit. He describes his son as being out of control, disrespectful, irresponsible and says he has little hope that the boy will grow up to be a responsible adult. I just want to say, when he starts talking like that about his son, ‘uh, I think you just described yourself’.

Does anyone else out there have a sorry excuse for a coworker like this?