McDonalds how good turns to bad…fast food worker

I was employed at a McDonalds for 3 years,until I got fired for a totally off the wall reason. I was hired at the time I was 14. Back then it was the best job ever, the crew people and managers were great, I actually enjoyed going to work every day. Sure we would all get yelled at to do things once and a while, but it was still fun. The managers had a great sense of humor and it became a second home for me. The hours and pay were great.
After two years of fun, things started going downhill, the majority of the crew people quit, and there were totally new managers. The evilness kicked in. We were down to just a few crew people and about 4 managers (one of them being most nastiest people I have ever met in my life.) The 3 nice managers loved me, I was the only person there who was able to run the whole drive thru myself, and still get close to the 90%. I had no problems in that store, till this one manager started. He would pick on everything I did, when the other crew people would act the same way. This man was truly descriminating against me. I was a minor, and was told to work 10 and a half hour days, I would work about 6 hours without any break. I called human resources about this issue, and they got him in trouble for that, and ever since then he has gotten much worse.
For the last 2 months, everyday I have been getting more and more problems with this man. He would tell me to sit at the first window for hours, and told me I cant talk to anyone or move, and if I did so I would get written up,when everyone else would be allowed to go around and talk, and I was constantly being yelled at that the bad drivethru time was my fault, when all I did on drivethru was take orders and money. I could go on forever about the things this manager picked on about me. I eventually got my first written warning, for talking to someone, fine I agreed. After this warning, I started acting a lot better in that place, but still got picked on by this manager, and him only.
About a month of my first warning, he started major trouble with me, one night he sent me home, because he told me to sit at the first window for the last 2 hours before I was suppose to leave and told me not to talk to anyone. I think that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, if everyone else is allowed to have their fun. Then the night after that I got send home 2 and a half hours early, because I accidently took a 10 minute extra long break, because I fell asleep in my car by accident(he didn’t care). Then the day after that(never knowing that would be my final day there)things got to the extreme. I called human resources the day before to complain about this manager, and don’t you know he took it all out on me. On this day an employee came through the drive thru, so I used the managers password to give them their 50% off employee discount, this manager caught me after I did this, and I got majorly lectured (all just for using the managers password to give the employee their discount, when all the other employees in the store do the same thing.)If I were to tell this manager to come to the window to put the discount in with the password, I would have gotten yelled at for that too, god forbid the drivethru time isn’t on 90% or above. Later on that night, I received a very important call on my cell phone, so I asked the manager if I could answer the call, he said ok so I did. A few minutes later he grabs the phone out of my hand and takes it away, and says I am not giving this back to you until tomorrow.
I started flipping out on him for this, because he has no right to keep it over night. He then goes to me, come in the office where he write me up which would be my second warning(which would mean suspension), I said fine and signed it, but I still had to wait around arguing for an hour about getting my phone back. I got it back then left.
I had the next day off, but I receive a phone call that day telling me not to come in the next day either until I have a talk with the general manager. I went in for the talk with her, and she tells me your fired for giving a friend a dollar discount.I tried and tried to explain this to her, but she wouldn’t listen, I never gave the discount to a friend, and she was saying I did. I explained to her that I was truly never aware of the policy about using the managers password, and that was never stated in the papers that I signed in the beginning. Yet she still didn’t care.She went on and on about how the managers are saying I’ve done this before, totally untrue. I was never told about it when I did it, and the managers also made up other mostly untrue stuff about me. She told me she would talk to her boss about this and give me a call back, she never did. I called her boss one day and left a message and called her a different day and left a message, I still never heard from them. I decided to call human resources again, and tell them what is happening. They told me I have every right to talk to this lady, because she just wont listen my side of the story, and that they would have a talk to her.I stopped in to visit my store, and to talk to one of the managers about this, and he said to me the head manager told me to tell you to stop calling her and harassing her, and that she refuses to return you call, and she is going to have your number blocked. First of all I only called her once, and asked to talk to her, how is that harassing her?? I don’t what to do next, I’m definately going to call human resources back, this lady doesn’t even know the whole story even. And I’m going to talk to my store manager when she comes back.
I’m getting humor out of this, seeing how much they are suffering without me, drive thru time has gone from 90 seconds
Has anyone else ever had to deal with a problem like this?? I was a very good worker, and did an excellent job with my work.

McDonalds is a great place to work if you get treated well, beware though, the managers will be nice to your face but stab you in the back. I feel I got fired for a very unfair reason, that everyone else does, but i’m the one to take the blame.