MSN TV Technician: The Real Untold Story

I was hired as (originally) a support technician for MSN TV (the first man hired for the contract) by RMH in November 2003. A week later I interviewed for an MSN trainer’s position as I had taught previously before and got the job along with three other people. I was happy and everything was going well…

And then I started working for RMH.

Within a week due to complete incompetence from the higher-ups on the contract (namely Gordon Gadd who will prove his lack of common sense later in my story), the MSN trainer position, the one I and three other people had left lucrative jobs for, was gone. All four of us were cut.

Less than a week later we get offered by this same company (all four of us) a position with MSNTV as support technicians, with the PROMISE of being made supervisors within a short time and eventually returned to trainer position status.

Like an idiot, I believed these bastards and took the position, figuring my seniority and proven track record of success would mean something. It didn’t.

Gordon Gadd made it his personal mission not to promote me (even going so far as telling me that I should kiss his ass in order to get promoted) as I didn’t fit into the country-club mentality he turned MSNTV into. His friends, kiss-ups, got promoted, and half of them (including and especially the person who got the trainer position despite never having taken an actual phone call in their lives) couldn’t do the job if you gave them (shit, bought them) a clue.

In turn a talented capable technician with a shitload of experience got used and abused and told that he would never get promoted, until one day he snapped, tired of the bullshit and bent on destroying the company that refused to recognize his talents.

They then got rid of that technician, by putting together a fake charge to demote him on and then on the lies of others who were paid to do so eventually terminated.

The ad thing is that you will see this and think it is a work of fiction. The truth is that it is a true, every word…ask Gordon Gadd or Nina Hassoun.

They would know. Gordon is as incompetent as a newborn attempting to drive home and Nina is much much worse.

There’s the truth folks…