Sales…I want to be respected and not abused.

I was, past tense, employed with the largest bank in
wisconsin. I worked in sales, specifically selling retirement plan
services and investment management to corporation. It is a
hypercompetitive market. I got the job through a friend who worked at
this same bank for 16 years. I had worked with him before at the same
bank back in the 1980s. I took the job a year ago because my previous
job was not the jop described to me when offered. The bank I joined
was bought so a new regime of management came in. The bank culture
changed dramatically and I got a new boss.

I was not happy with my new boss who was in over his head. He did not
know how to manage salespeople, he made my life a living hell! I
challenged him on several occasions regarding his strategy, which he
did not like. So I became a marked person and I was set up to fail.
He discharged me with a number of bogus and slanderous reasons, but, of
course, there wasn’t anything I could do.

I want to find a job where I will be respected and not abused. Also,
that respects my ideas and me as a person. I work well when I have a
project to complete and am given total ownership of the project. I
like small companies and enjoy working with people who are creative and

In five years I want to be close to retirement. In 30 years I hope to
be living in my cabin in the mountains.