A Good Review on the Working Condition at McDonalds

I really don’t understand most of the people posting about McDonald’s being the worst job anyone could have. Some say they aren’t getting fair compensation. Others say they are not treated fairly. More say they are tired of working too hard. I’ve got news for you all. Why are you still there and not doing anything about it?

What would it take to help enthuse your co-workers into doing a great job? What would it cost for you to speak to your manager about their own performance? What would everyone do if they saw you were taking a serious approach towards your job? Would they try to be like you and work harder? Answer those questions.

I’ve worked at McDonald’s almost six years and have been a manager for five of those years. I am a twenty-three year old college student with ambitions like everyone else. I treat my employees as I would want to be treated and they treat me the same way. If I see a fellow manager being lazy, I use constructive criticism to help get them out of their developing bad habit.

You didn’t get a break? Remind your manager nicely about you not having a break. Don’t be rude and don’t pester the manager. They have as much as a crew person to worry about, not to mention managing a multi-billion dollar business. You see crew doing things they are not supposed to be doing? Inform your manager about this. That manager should carry the message through his store’s management hierarchy. In time, if nothing has happened to the offenders, do something about it. Get your supervisor involved. Supervisors always value the opinion of any employee.

I do agree that sometimes this job can be tough. I know dealing with angry and rude customers isn’t what you want to deal with the rest of your life. For some people, this job is merely a stepping stone, to something bigger and better. For most, this job isn’t a job, it’s a career. Fact: There is money to be made at McDonald’s. Trust me. Money that would rival a college degree in any other field. There is always room for advancement.

So everyone here with your bad attitudes complaining about customers 24/7, go to your store manager the next day you work, tell him/her what you posted here, then adios amigos. You don’t belong in a fast paced environment having to serve multitudes of customers.

I love working at McDonald’s and I am seriously thinking about working here for the rest of my life. It’s not a job to me, but a career.

- Make this the second “good” review for this job.