Disorganization sucks……Jack in the Box Manager

I got an app for Jack in the box on a Sunday morning. Monday, I went in, and the manager gave me a quick interview and gave me the job on the spot because she despertly needed employees.
I told her straight-up-front that I cannot handle cashier work. I am not good in math and making change to the guests would be extremely slow, and she said that was ok, and she would just keep me in the back.
So, she told me to come back tomorrow and the training process would start. Well, I showed up 15 minutes early and walked in there. I always show up really early, cause that’s just the way I am. Well, unfortunetly, she told me that they did not have time for me. She told me to go back home and wait the next week. So, the next week I went back, 15 minutes early, and she told me once again, that she did not have time to deal with the training process, sent me back home and told me to come back the next week. So, the third time, I finally got to start training, but I don’t call 1 hour “training” training. I am used to learning in 8-hour day training.
I came in maybe 2 days a week, for about 2 hours of training (basically watching videos). I would assume, I could watched all of the videos in one day, but no, it had to be spaced.
So, after a week and a half, I finally started on-the-job training. My hours were once again, 1-2 hours day. I only got to work like 2-3 days a week. It seemed as if it wasn’t worth my time or gas to go in there, make a lousy $6.90 an hour.
After a couple of weeks, I went up to her and asked her when I would be getting paid. She completely ignored me. I felt like I was invisible or something. I asked other employees, but they didn’t really know anything. I came in on good status and I did better on my training then most new employees do.
After 3 1/2 weeks of asking my boss when I would get my check, one employee finally found my check and it was waiting in a file on the fourth week I was there. She gave me the check.
So, my check was held for 4 weeks. That is crap. I kind of got the feeling that there was something fishy going on here. I felt like I wasn’t even being treated right. My boss would not talk to me except to threaten to put me on the cashier when I first got hired (that conversation) was obviously not valid anymore.
A lot of people told me that if I refuse to do the cashier thing I would get fired. See, the boss told me after my fourth week, my hours would be more than 14 hrs week. Everybody else was getting 40+ hours. I was stuck under 14 hrs a week.
I told the boss that I needed more hours and told her I would be very tempted to quit, but she just ignored me once again.
So, finally after my 7th week, I finished my 4 hour shift and noted out loud that I was quitting. My boss never called me or anything to find out why I quit or whatever.
4 months later, I got a call from a friend of a friend, that said my last paycheck was waiting. I had no idea I even had another check. So, I went in and some of the employees asked me if the boss had called me and let me know about my check. Well, nobody had called.
That is what I call bad business. Jack in the box has good food, but as unorganized as she was with running the place, it’s a wonder that guests actually went to the place to eat. There was one day when we ran out of boxes, food, ect. She as a manager was supposed to place an order every Monday for the essentials. Well, it turned out that she hadn’t placed an order in the past 3 weeks. Customers were not happy with their quality of food, and us employees had to work our asses off trying to figure out what to put the food in.
Other than that, that was time and money wasted away into nothing. The job would have never been so bad if I was actually treated like a human-being instead of some alien.