The Scottish McD’s Experience….mcdonalds crew member

I work as a crew member at McDonalds. Before this i worked in supermarkets susch as Tesco and Sainsburys but didnt enjoy it that much as it wasnt testing enough for me and i got boared easily. I have been doin this job now for nearly a year and a half. I got in to this job because my big sister workes there and told me ebout a new store that was openin and that i should have a go and see if i would like it and surprise, surprise i did. Thats why iam am still here today. parts of the job that bother me is when people moan insted of gettin on with their own work. Yes i have thought of quittin but because 9 out of 10 times it is a great plave to work and the pay is great for my age.At the end of the day i couldnt leave everything that i have put into where iam today. I have been promoted to trainning squad and have been told that iam to go on a managers course and sit my floor managers exam. McDonalds is a great way to gain experience and get promoted. You learn a new skill everyday and meet new people everyday. You get a sense of accomplishment every day when you see a customer come back or they tell you how great the service has been. My boss is great she is a great laugh and easy to talk to ahe can have her serious moments but she is still great.

In five years time i hope to see myself in the job i really want to do and hope that i still know all the great people that i meet while still workin at mcdonalds. It will always be with me because i have learned so much new skills just from doin this job that i would have never have had if i worked in a supermarket.

In 30 years time who knows………………….?