Temp Secretary……too many educated people.

I live in a town with two accredited institutions of higher
learning. Because of this, There are way too many educated people
around. Even the McDonald’s employees here have PhDs, practically! So,
I took the only line of work open to a person with minimal marketable
job skills- a temp secretary. You see, in this town, you need at least
a bachelor’s degree to get a good secretarial job. Temp jobs, however,
are fair game.

Right now, I work for one of the universities I do your basic making
coffee/filing/making copies/etc. I think one of the worst things about
being a secretary is the all of the stereotypes that go along with it.
I don’t like to make sweeping generalizations, but usually when you
take a temp job, people assume you’re an idiot. People are also
*extremely* picky about their coffee.

Also, because you’re the temp, you usually end up doing a fare share
of the boss’s personal stuff- going out and picking up an anniversary
card for the In-Law’s- calling up the toy store to see if they have in
the perfect Barbie or GI Joe for his or her kid’s birthday, etc.

The money is pretty bad, but it beats mowing lawns–one of the other
occupations in this town open to non-degree carrying citizens! I’m
going to work at this job until I make enough money to move away…and
then …um, get a different job, I guess. *sigh*.