Keep going back, McDonalds got me by it’s claws!!!

Well were do I begin? hmmm well when I was 14 I needed a what my parents call it a career, but I call it a job. So I went into McDonalds one day to eat, guess what I walke dout with a job. At the time I thought it was a dream, we talked about advancment, pay, and all sorts of goodys.

Well 6 months later I was hooked. They sunck there claws in me. When I first started, there was this girl there who trained me(i think she still there to in the same position she was in then.) She told me do not stay for more then 6 months otherwise it will be hard to leave. I thought yea right, this only a summer job. Well after the summer I quite. see summer job. Well that lasted oh 2 weeks, then I was back in the works of making fries, and burgers. Damn claws.

So then I worked there for 4 years, I became a floor supervisor when in 1998 and life I thought was good. I was working good hours and the days I wanted to, I was picking my hours and days, my boss and me had an understanding. Well then one day I was at work and I was feeling really really sick. I asked to sit down for a minute, and then I almost pasted out. The manager at the time would not let me go home, so I called my mom to come get me and she did, and I left anyways. I went to the hospital and found out I had to get my gall-bladder taken out the next day. If I wouldof waited another 20 min. I would of been paraliezed on my whole left side, because having a gall-bladder attack is like having a mild heart attack.

Well needless to say the day of my surgery my boss called me and asked if I could work the next day, I asked her if she was nuts! Needless to say I was there working the next day without a clue why. (My fault I guess) Needless to say I have quit and gone back 4 or 5 times now, I even tried a couple of different stores(in the same franchise) which I thought was oakay, well lets say when I quite I was a 2nd asstaint and I was very very unhappy.