Software Engineer…..good pay but rather be painting outdoors..

I am a software engineer. I work in Palmdale California.

was sent to California from the east coast as a member of a
multi-company team to work a new project. I first got into this line
of work at age 27 after completing training at a trade school in
Washington DC. I entered this profession for the stability and high
income. I’ve been working at this for 11 years.

I continue to do this
work because it is stable and the money is good. I am not happy with
doing this work. I do not like spending long hours working with
machines and not having much human contact. Also there are few women
in this field. Since I work aerospace the shortage of women is
compounded (I’m still single).

I like the idea of creating useful
software. It is something you can see and work with. I am planning a
mid life career change. I want to spend more time outdoors. I have a
God given artistic talent I plan to use and get paid for. I’m thinking
about entering the field of Landscape architecture.

At times during my
career I got some sense of accomplishment. This was when I worked in a
smaller company where I could wear many hats. But it was a sweatshop.

I respect and like managers who keep up with technology and work along
side the pee-ons. The bigger the company the less you see this.

In 5
years I plan to be running my own small business with maybe 1 or 2
employees. I plan to be completely out of software. In 10 years I plan
to be doing the same thing. I’d like to diversify and start a second
company. In 30 years I might be dead. Who knows.

In summation – If you
are reading this I encourage you to do some serious soul searching
before you enter the technical arena. If you were the kind of kid that
loved playing video games on a friday night or hacking your way through
a secure website during the senior prom then the software business may
be your ticket. And good luck. However; if you derived your enjoyment
from spending time with friends, seeking adventure, going to keg
parties and football games; then you might want to consider something
less technical. I have. And I’m glad of it. Remember StarTrek? Spock
was a great guy. Alway dry and logical. He was the techie and yes, he
never got the girl.