Making a living via crazy folks….cashier

I work as a cashier in a major discount department store. It’s the best paying job of my forty-something life. The odd thing is that I keep a roof over my head dealing with people’s stupidity, idiosnycrasies, and prejudices. I have several pet peeves on my “wonderful” job! :-)

One such is having to provide pens for people who have more money than me, have credit cards galore, and have a bursting checking account. I am a poor working man, yet I have several nearly $6 pens, yet these suburbanites have to borrow “my” pen. Some idiots put my pen in their mouth… yuck! I get caucasians who think I’m to be their personal slave and wait on them hand and foot. I want to tell them my name is not Toby (i.e. the name of Kunta Kente, the slave in Roots). I get these folks who act more uppity than Queen Elisabeth!

At times I have fire breathing men hater women in my lane… honestly! I want to tell them badly “Whatever Joe Blow did… it wasn’t me”! I get tired of people looking at me like I just arrived from mars or something. I wish I could be a chameleon so they can see how goofy they look… if I can be honest! I have folks at work for which I could turn into the Incredible Hulk and Hulk on them! That would be cool! I sometimes need pictures of NYC to help me cool down. It can work at times usually.

I’d like to have one day where I serve up duty to the bosses who make things bad for me… vengeance would be mine.. oh yeah. I am glad to have this job, but at times I could pull my hair out. I wish I had more vacation time per year. The best part of my job though is the paycheck and teasing the kids with voices which I do… which is really fun. God bless America!