The Real Scoop:The McDonald’s story

I’m sure you have heard all the McDonald’s stories you can muster but 98.9% of the people haven’t covered the dirty parts, the truth behind the grill and the lies behind the walls, this is my story, the McDonald’s story…it goes there. Seeing that when your 15 and with a girlfriend you need some money, and the only jobs you can get at the time are fast-food jobs, or family related work. I needed one soon and I needed one fast. A friend at my school suggested the idea of getting a job at McDonald’s, since she worked there I thought I could get a job there easily, which I did. Now consider this, The top five busiest McDonald’s restaurant’s in America are located in the New York region. I personally worked at the busiest McDonald’s restaurant’s in all of America. Yeah you guessed it, Darien, Connecticut. Why is it the busiest? We are located in a rest area of I-95, you can guess the rest with common sense. An average income a day for a McDonald’s store is about 50-100,000$. We average about 500,000$ on a slow day. We have 31 Managers including the store manager, the supervisor and the food service operator. We have the 5th largest crew member and employee service in the world. I’m not here to boast, but there are a few things we need to cover first before we get into the whole pressure situation. Now when I started I was on maintenance detail. My big days of the year were Health inspections. You could possibly be thinking that the inspections are just a measly day of looking at how good the meat is cooked and at what temperatures., guess again. The health inspector looks at not only if the meat is cooked at the right temperatures, but if the grill is cleaned from the inside out. They check the VAC machine temperatures, the inside of them, the Coke Tanks, the smoke stacks, the downstairs(if you have one) or the stock room. They check UHCL timers, the drop time KVS times, Drive- Thru times, and wall, floor, shelf examinations. My first day of the week starts off cleaning the grill. I take the Teflon off the clamshells. I clean the inside of the clamshells, outer layers, and so on. Now comes the fun part, the back of the grill. I use Degreaser, which by the way, make sure you have on gloves cause after an hour it tears up the skin on your fingers. I clean out the grease traps daily but the inside of them where the other grease gets into I have to clean out with my hand. Now if anyone sees Mike Rowe tell him to e-mail me. We are not done, next is the shelves. Its not fun, you could be thinking scrubbing shelves are kind of easy. I swear you, nothing can get off 5 year old dried mustard and ketchup besides Delimer. That by it self takes two shin splints, couple bloody fingers, a bruised hand, and 2 hours to finish. Next is the walls, man I love the customers telling me how to do my job ,like they know anymore then the next person who walks in. Standing on the ladders scrubbing mold and cleaning out vents and replacing fans is the best thing in the world(sarcasm). I don’t want to sound annoying like every other person who complains about their job. Now luckily this isn’t just done by one person. And I almost forgot I’m getting paid 6.30$ an hour to do this, I’m sure as hell lovin’ it.
Sure this job is not the worse job in the world, I don’t feel like talking about how managers treat us, and how we don’t get respect, blah, blah, and some more blah’s you guys heard all that. I could care less about how a manager gives cigarettes to underage teens, or someone coming in drunk or someone stealing money, its life its gonna happen, there’s a lot more worse things going on out there then this crap. I don’t like how people complain about how they know more then managers and are not managers. I used to think that before I came a manager. Crew members, junior shift managers, and crew chief’s don’t know how to total promos for a day, total waste bins at the end of the month, count and restock truck shipping, and all that jazz. They know the basics like grill section, some maintenance, and front line including drive-thru.

I’ve been doing this for three years, I have been through many encounters, complaints, court, and etc. It’s nothing special, people do what they can just to get money, hey its America. I’m not blaming anyone, I’m not pointing fingers, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, that’s the last thing I want to end this entry with. But these people complaining about their jobs, they have the power to quit and get a new one. We are not forced to stick with it. But I’m getting off topic.
McDonald’s is nasty yes, we know this, people drop buns, there is no spitting, trust we are not sick, people round cash up, steal money, we cant stop it for good. I like my job sometimes and I don’t but I wont be here forever, but I would like to leave on one note.

You can show us the up-right most nastiest thing in a McDonald’s store,but the next day people will walk in.