The Tasking Job of Finding a Decent Job

I was working in a big local company and after about 8 years decided to quit. Felt not getting anywhere and decided to change to another dept but at the new place, felt degraded to do less qualifying work for my experience though very busy and not much contribution to the company. I tried for other jobs but none did want to employ me. They gave various reasons from looking from the industry, the job is too junior for me though i was willing and one company even smirked me for quitting my job without another job. It has been almost a year. I tried to do some trading business but the business environment becomes tough especially on the cost from transportation to postal charges to tax.

You just can’t do business or even find a decent job. Then some entity says goods tax will be raised so that we can help the poor. But the poor just gets poorer and the middle income gets poorer too. Only the rich will benefit. While the entity takes in the money, the poor who have managed to survive will get “peanuts” to eat while contributing more. Every $1 the poor gets, gives away $1.50. The entity will carry on with the support of the poor in lavish environment, because the poor has to like depend on the $1. When there comes a time when the division becomes too much, the place once called a good place will be a war torn area.