Support crew in Antarctica….physical fitness and travel

I work Austral summers in Antarctica at McMurdo Station, a U.S. scientific research station. I do support crew work and am a “materials person.” I got the job by interviewing over the phone and before I had met a real person was given round trip tickets to New Zealand in the mail.

The work itself is not interesting, but the people are all very interesting. As we can’t really go anywhere, it is a very small and tight community. My job is very physical so I get paid to get in shape! We work 6 days a week nine hours a day which gets tiresome after awhile.

The best thing about the job is that though it doesn’t pay alot, all living expenses are paid so the money all goes in the bank.

This coming season will be my third. My last 6 month contract finished in February and I have not needed to work since and still have some money left. I went traveling and was on five continents this year.

The worst thing about the job is the lack of stability I feel in my life right now. I think I’ll do one or two more summers then move onto something else.