What’s it Like to be a Nurse

A nurse since 97.  How I have lasted this long I do not know. ER, Pulmonary, med surg, oncology and a bunch of cardiac with my ACLS as a traveler/agency nurse. I moved around a lot thinking I could find that special place that would allow me to practice safely and give me the time to share the love I have for nursing. That place does not exist.

Young Nurses take a good long look at the nurses on your floor who have been working 15 plus years if you can find any(most of them leave burned out and p’d off) but if you do find one take a good hard look at them. Depressing isnt it. Even with all that experience they are still over worked and treated like garbage by the hospital more experience=more responsibility and no power. thinking about becoming a nurse manager I have seen them come and go they don’t last long the first one to get fired when there is a political shake up is an assistant or head nurse. the only ones who survive are the nasty politicians. No future in nursing you will either become one of the nasty old burned out nurses or you will try to move into management and get fired if you are not a nasty sneaky politician. I am about to quit yet another position and move to another hospital I have not reached my breaking point yet.