Telemarketing…..nobody likes you

I did telephone surveys. An Interviewer, I suppose,  I wasn’t marketing
anything. I asked people about things from cookware to political stuff to following up on
movie previews to travel in Long Island.  I did this for 5 months.

It was ok at first.  It paid more than my last job which was novel…which was
cool. It seemed like easy money. It seemed like you just sit there and make these phone
calls and you make lots of money also got paid overtime especially on the weekend.
And I got some of my friends to work there too which was cool.

But eventually…it’s the kind of job where you don’t get much
satisfaction because nobody really likes you….none of the people you talk to really
want to talk to you and you are just keeping on the phone, taking away from their
lives….it’s depressing. We were given lists of phone numbers and a regular phone
without any sort of headset, just a little handset and we went into a little cubby and uh
…and called lists of phone numbers.

More than half of them weren’t even real numbers and you got lots of this phone
line has been disconnected and lots of answering machines and when you did get people you
were often calling while they were eating dinner or breakfast and people
generally…you were generally pissing people off. Initially, during the course of the
day, I was always leaning on my elbow with this telephone and my hand started getting
tingly…I was pinching some sort of nerve in my arm which was disturbing. One time I
really got a migrane and they really didn’t want me to leave. I just started getting
really pissed off at the whole situation.

The dude who like ran the place was a really slimy dude. There was the head dude and
there was this other manager and this other manager had like slept with the main dude to
get the job….a lot of ex drug addicts also worked there…like one time everybody
was talking about all the stuff they did in the 80s and me and my friend were just sitting
there listening…it was interesting stuff.

I left to go to college…..

Things are different now, but back then I wanted to be making phone calls in 5 years
(laughs). <Seriously>, I wanted to be a mechanical engineer….I wanted to build
cars…to build the longest roller coaster…and I wanted that roller coaster to go
underground, through water…I wanted that roller coaster to be like a 13 minute ride.
I was nuts.  I think other people are working on it.