venting about my boss….switchboard operator

Hello guys, this is so nice. I been here at Mars Electronics since 1989. I started in assembly, I always tried to keep my hand in stuff in going on outside of my job. So I took typing classes, computer classes and speech classes, writing classes. What ever I could squeeze in before work.

I have six kids and started here on second shift. I was on assistance and doing temp work before this. I did a short sprint at a Value City store for PBX operator. Well that gave me the confidence to try for a Switchboard Operator job that opened up at Mars.

That was 4 years ago. All together I’ve worker here for 15 years. But this job is my foot out of the door. The associates, customers, vendors, visitors, truck drivers and others love me, but my boss hates me. I’m Afican Amer. 49 years old and happily remarried. She is Caucasian, 40 year old single mother.

I type at 50 to 55 words a minute, know Word, Lotus Notes, Powerpoint, Excel. Do Video conferences, schedule meetings with total set-up. Answer any question I can. Is on the Activity Committee (20 members) and can honestly say, I have learned so much from her.

But she is hardly ever satisfied and lets me know I make way too much money to just do reception work. All in all I plan to leave this job soon. I will look into another Receptionist job. I need to know of all of the other types of PBX’s out there. I have a 50 button console. I saw one that actully works from a computer. What is that? I hope I didn’t wear out my welcome. Whew it felt good to vent. Thanks I needed that.