Taking hotel reservations by Phone…Kathy Lees version of a sweatshop

I work at (NAME DELETED). I have been working there for a little over 2 years now.

I HATE MY JOB! It was on the list for the top jobs to have. That is a joke. The turn around rate is so high. I would love to quit my job if I only had the chance to get a job that paid me the same.

I live in a town in North Dakota. “Mr. (boss’s name deleted) loves his ND offices” we were told in our 9-week training class. Sure he loves it. Where else does he get a chance to pay people so poorly and have them work harder than other offices???

The fact of the matter is, is that no other jobs are available in these small towns. So he comes in as some big hot-shot hero by giving us small town folk a job with travel benefits and so on. There are a lot of people who hate him and what he stands for. How can you trust a man that has had 5 wives who were all formaly his secretaries? Hmmmm……

The reason I hate my job so much is because it’s the Kathy Lee’s version of a sweat shop. What our job entitles is sitting at our desk all day and taking calls from corportate clients and booking them air/car/hotel reservations. We are expected to put up with being belittled by the clients who think they can treat us any way they want to. We are yelled at constantly to take more calls. It doesn’t matter if we are stressed out and suffering from ulcers. It’s the ulmitey dollar that they are concerned about.

You may think I’m just a whiner, but where do I begin to explain all the backwards policies that only ND offices have to endure? We are required to talk like robots on the phone. We have to say exact phrases and we are monitored on it. If you miss one little word, you get doc’d points. You don’t have points, you don’t get an incentive. I worked for 6 months making $6.67/hourbecause I happened to miss one word here, one word there. The supervisors will make you fee llike you are the worse associate. They will talk down to you. I get clients who tell me that I did a good job. I get the phone monitored and I get told that I forgot a word so it doesn’t matter how the client feels.

To put it lightly… The companies’ policies makes no sense. I hope to one day get another job where I can expose what it is really like. I am going to give the owner a run for his money. If I was a company I would not them book my travel. The fact of the matter is, is that the associates who work for my company really don’t care. And I really don’t care any more either.

I no longer have any ambition to go out of my way for anyone. Why bother? I might forget a word and the conversation and not get paid anyways?