Financial analysis for oil deals in Bombay…interesting work

I am a financial man…commercial side in Bombay. Scrutinizing figures, contracts everything….For the government at first but now in the private sector for 9 years. They are a big company and we give lots of projects to the steel industry, oil industry, etc… let’s say you want to start up a refinery, you need a lot of equipment. We have 30 or 40 people who specialize in such things…compressors, generators, pumps, cables, pipe fittings, etc….we float global tenders to vendors. Then we negotiate with them for the best price. I assist in these negotiations.

I began based on my studies long back. I enjoy my job because it is quite interesting work. It is not a monotonous job. Every time you have new people, new things….especially in the offshore oil sector where I have been for like 30 years.

I work long hours but I don’t mind…I’m a workaholic and will work 20 hours a day. There are no office politics there either…I don’t dislike any part of it. I like my boss too as he is a nice person and we work as a team. I don’t see myself changing jobs….

In the future, provided the situation in the country imroves, I hope the market gets better. Money is very low now in India.