Cash Manager for state bank of India

My job is to manage cash in the branch of the State Bank. I take out money and distribute it to the people…people who come to collect money are handed over to me. I do this here in Perambur, India.

I wrote an exam to get the job…I was appointed to small place in south India in 1966. I like it…different problems…financial problems. You have a chance to interact with people.

Sometimes though we get some staff relations problems. The union people say not to cooperate. Then I will be in trouble I will not be able to complete the job. They can go, but I cannot go as someone has to count the money.

My boss is a nice person. He gets things done. He handles some people and cajoles some but he gets things done.

I don’t think of changing jobs, but there is rotation within the bank itself. I have only 4 years before I can retire with this bank and can do some reading/writing, etc…