Positive thinking…..Sales Coordinator

I’m working as a Sales Coordinator in MNC, since 2 years. Earlier I was working as Security Assistant to Chief of Security in The Metropolitan Hotel Nikko (Japanese Concern). Here I worked for one and half year. Public Relation, Holding Meeting for my Company, looking after all the admin activities makes me feel happy. I just love my job so after thinking so much also I couldn’t find anything that really bothers me because whatever I do, I do 100%.

In between I do have offers for job but I didn’t find them interesting but yes certainly ill go if I get something really interesting my way. And Im really interesting in Model Scouting, kindly let me know the procedure.

Yes I do get sense of accomplishment with my work but at the same time I believe in improving day-to-day in life. Well me and my Boss share very good relationship as I know what he wants when and above all, I coordinate my work very well, that he believes that he don’t know how his gona manage when I’m not there.

If I remain in same firm, I’m sure, I’m gona be promoted in higher position and if not in this firm, then also somewhere well established. As I’m very mush interested in Scout Modeling, I see myself 30years down the line doing something really interesting. Everybody loves to be around me, I as make people smile. I’m working In New Delhi capital of India.

Love music, I love to be busy with something other as it makes me keep going. Being very creative I keep on doing something new at my work and home too. I think positive and believe in Live and let live.