A Young McDonalds Crew with NO Complaints

Ok. Well after going round town searching for jobs. Me and my mate came across Mcdonalds. While its stereotypical a bad place to work. It’s been ok so far.

How I got the job:
I handed in my form an within 2 days came for an interview. After the interview i went home and 3 days later got a call saying i had a job. I was asked to come pick up a crew pack. So i did. getting home i read the safety manual etc got teachers permission to work (as im under16 and school leaving age) and handed it in. I was then told to come for a meeting introduction the next saturday

The Introduction meeting:
Me and My friend who both got jobs were taken up to the ‘crew room’ by a manager. And we were joined by 2 other under school leaving age to be staff. And 3 foreigngn full time workers. (underleaving age limited to 8 1/2hrs on a sat. And 2 on a sun-fri. but not after 7pm.) We were tested in the group sorted out with uniform orders. and taken on a tour of the restaurant. And shown how to clock in.
Back up in the crew room we were told shifts. Me and my friend got 7.30am till 3pm. with 1 hour break. We were given a time to come in during the week after school for a computer based till training.

Till training:
The computer showed us how to work the till , even tho it was a relatively old piece of software and most of the till didn’t apply to what we would be doing. But we got paid for the 2 hours so it was ok.

First Day:
We both arrived at 7.30am, me a little later than my friend. And to add to my fear already of the job to come. the main doors weren’t open at 7.30 so I had to pull on the door till someone came opened it. When I arrived at the crew room. I had forgotten the code for the door so had to rummage round my bag to find it. When i was in. I got changed. Then me and my friend went down into the kitchen area and signed in.

We were shown how to make drinks, use the mcflurry machine and shown sizes of fries. Luckilly we started on breakfast shift. Or it cud of been alot worse. The till was hard to use, but i soon picked it up. And it was nnice to look across two tills and see my mate.

Actual work, and my weeks since i started:
The till still confuses me espesh promos. Vouchers and milk with happy meals. all hard to put in the till. I find myself staring at the clock alot. As i have a backer. Who checks my till and gets my orders for me. So most of the time i just stand there. Sometimes i’ll go fetch drinks.

On the staff:
All very nice so far. I think about half the staff are foriegn . Can be scary when on break being the only english girl in crew room.

Bad experiences:
Toilets constantly blocked in changing room. Oil over floors. Lack of toilet roll in crew room. Lack of respect by customers. Can get boring.

Overall my experience has not been dredful, and My wage is good for a 15 year old’s saturday job. I get £4.75 an hour. about £35-£38 a day.

The worse part is prob the uniform. !