Stuck in a rut……Technical Support and LAN Admin

I do LAN admin and technical support in Victoria, BC. I moved
to Canada from England seven years ago looking for a better life for my
family. On the whole I’ve got that, but at the cost of my own
happiness. I spend most of my working life bored to tears – I’m stuck
at this level and am having to invest money I can’t afford to retrain
myself in an effort to get out of the rut. Problem is that, false
modesty aside, I’m good at what I do. I like helping people and have
lots of patience with their problems – hey, I even change passwords
without griping. I just want to make some progress in my career and
feel that I’m trapped by my management who want my present job done
without the hassle of training new people and allowing me to move on.
Sometimes I think I will have to start doing my job badly to get a
chance to do something else! It seems that I will have to make a major
move of some kind to get out of the rut – maybe even on to a new

In 5 years I hope to be a lot happier
In 30 years I am going to be retired and living somewhere really warm!