McDonalds job…..All about the team

I worked as a crew member at McDonald’s in Plainview, New York right after high
school. Mcdonald’s always seemed like a good first job and one of my best friends worked
there….so I went in and applied.

I loved it. It was a lot of fun. We were a very…highly rated store. Mcdonalds has
an internal rating system.

It was a young crowd. Most of the people were from my high school…everybody worked
together and had a good time at work. It was a good team atmosphere, everybody helped
everybody out and you had fun at work. So if drive-thru wasn’t doing anything and
somebody placed a big order, you went over and helped assembled their food and it was just
cool when it got stuffed up…it was just exhilarating.

There were things like uh….well, this isn’t like a team thing, more like a
competetive thing, but, uh, let’s say during the dinner rush you had to sell shamrock
shakes for St. Patricks day. So whoever suggestively sold the most shamrock shakes got
like a $10 meal ticket. That was like competition.

I stopped liking the job in general when a lot of the people who I had so much fun with
ended up leaving or going to college and whatnot…and also, I had a manager, who I
just really didn’t get along with very well. And one day he just….I don’t
want to make it sound like I quit cuz of this one manager, but it was just like the people
changed and I stopped enjoying the people or just in comparison to the way it was.

I used to like the manager but the managers changed. One guy who I was really good
friends with when he was a crew member. Like he was a crew member for a really long time
and he made a conscious descision like not to be a manager…at a certain point he just
became a dick when he became a manager. Like his fears were realized and I just started
getting fed up with the whole situation. I quit because it just wasn’t as much fun
anymore…total personal reasons….people bugging me.

In 5 years, I hope to be working for a small start-up company of some sort.

In 30 years…Enjoying life, spending time with my family, working in an environment
where I have lots of flexibility. Enjoying my work, whatever it is. Hopefully something