Interesting work….programming for US companies in Bangalore

I am working for a software company in Bangalore as a programmer…programming in VC++. We develop active x controls for retail applications. My client is an American company and we do this part of their appplication here in India.

I got the job through campus selection here in India. I did civil engineering, but there is not much work there in India so now I do software.

I like the job because it is very challenging and you keep learning new things but sometimes it becomes a bit boring because you have to do other kinds of work than programming……documentation and preparing test plans.

My boss is not much older to me…he is a nice guy and just like me.

I’ll leave maybe after a year or so if I get bored here. Maybe I’ll try some kind of management job….maybe a job outside India. Perhaps in the US as I think it’s the easiest place to get a job.

In 5 years, I see myself somewhere else…at a different company…probably working in computers still. In 30 years, if I’m alive…hopefully I’ll have enough money that I won’t be working then and can do nothing.