The Life of an LPN in Saskatchewan

I am an LPN working in LTC for 6 yrs now. I commute over 40 k’s one way to work, perhaps to some that is peanuts.. but here in Saskatchewan.. well.. driving alone at nearly midnight thru driving rain, snow, fog, icy roads, you name it..just adds to the stress of an already stressful job, oh and I forgot to mention… no cellular service for the part of the commute that is and can be the worst. There is a winter storm watch out today, the roads are icy, the wind is freezing and yes, I wimped out, called in and had them replace me. Hmm. I got stranded last yr..luckily didn’t take too long before I got rescued, thank-god.. Last place I want to be in a storm is tits up in a ditch someplace.I admit I am just very nervous now, and don’t want to push my luck again. Moving away from here is not an option at present.. and I wouldn’t trade living here in the country for city living. Anyways.. so glad to find this site where nurses can say, without fear, what they really have been thinking about..

So I called in to work.. and the scheduler says I am supposed to call the site manager re my absence today. Fuck that. I am taking it as a holiday.. not a sick day.. and those are the ones she is so concerned about.. all sick time must be ok’d by her highness.. arghhhh.
I have been reading the ‘hate nursing’ posts here for the past few days.. and I want to thank all of contributors.. wow I thought the facility I worked at left to be desired but from the looks of things there are a lot of nurses out there ..OMG I wouldn’t have lasted a week under some of the conditions described.

I got into nursing later in life..what WAS I thinking? Here I am 45 yrs old.. and even though I work only part-time.. I am counting the minutes until I can find something different. If nothing else I am going to ride it out till I am 50 and thats IT. I already have back and hip problems.. some carpal tunnel.. so my days working on cement floors are numbered. Like so many nurses,, I wanted to help people.. to make a positive difference.. not to be stretched so thin at work that the rezzies basic needs may or may NOT be met. I know there are others besides me that have been ‘guilty’ of telling a ‘frequent flyer’ to the bathroom oh well you just went.. your wearing a pad, you know.. you can pee in it!! The facility where I work.. and the shift I usually work.. requires that not only do I pass meds and do treatments etcetcetc but I also have to interupt these duties to help the aides.. lately it depends.. if I am caught up enough on my own work I will gladly help.. and of course if one aide is on break then I HAVE to help the other with the two person transfers.. simple as that. I dont beat myself up anymore over not getting stuff done or running my ass off to get all my work done and a lot of the aides work as well..its just not worth it. I figure the only way I might actually survive is to. like so many others.. just treat it as a job, do what I can.. if at the end of a shift I can say I did what I could and thats going to have to be good enough for today..then I can get in my car.. white knuckle it all the way home.. and Oh yeah… that wine tastes pretty damned good and then.. zzzzzzzzz
Meanwhile I will keep looking through the job postings for something different…
Take care and God Bless all of you!