Cingular Wireless Jobs are a Pain in the Neck….call center employee

Yes, I work at Cingular and it has brought me to the brink of never ever wanting to work with people ever again. I rather push paper now because this place is the most dis-functional, dis-organized and dis-appointing place to ever work for.

The management is a bunch of “yes” people. The Director is non-existent. And the Executive Director is so out of touch that she has no idea what is going on daily at this place. There is no structure. Everyone is walking around in fear of losing his or her pathetic job, including me.

It used to be a fun place when it was BellSouth Mobility but ever since SBC took-over the place has gone to POT. There is no more integrity. And that is why no one stays there longer than 3 months. Only a handful have been there more than 5 yrs. It has gotten so bad there that they hire anyone.

You have some DNA? You are hired. One time police chased 2 reps into the building and arrested them in front of lobby for speeding and stealing a car. Can you imagine that? Anyway, that is pretty bad, but the system problems we have to process an order or to get tracking info is ridiculous. It is so laborious that they should have a separate dept to track packages and do follow-up with customers who have problems with their orders. That would at least cut down on the irate callers.

That is the second half of the reason why my job sucks to say the least. Customers are so demanding that they act like they own the company. They don’t ask any more. They demand. And God forbid that you don’t comply with their request. All hell will break lose. Yes, customer make my job that much harder.

So my recommendation if you can avoid a call center do so b/c people are not the same as before. Common sense and decency has been replaced by GREED. And no one gives a flying fart how you get the job done so long as you get it done with the highest profit and minimal expenditures to the company. Stay in school and get your self a real job!