Liberty but little pay in Madras….Technical Translation

(the speaker went to college and worked for this company in Madras, India before eventually leaving to work at a French bank, also in Madras, fulfilling certain francophile interests.)

Right after my graduation, I went to my first job in a software company as a technical writer. I was there for 11 months…short of 1 year.

I had to script user manuals…do some copywriting, copy editing stuff for engineering software basically. Initially, there were a lot of brochures…advertising campaigns. Started getting into tech writing.

Getting the job was a cakewalk. I just walked into the general managers room and told him my graduate results though I had not yet got them. So he said why should I give a job to a person who has not even graduated yet. So I said, ‘you put me to a test and I’ll join….’ So I got through the test and I joined….

I liked the job but it was not paying enough. I liked the liberty that they gave you. You could walk in when you liked and walk out when you liked. You could accumulate work and do it over the weekend. You didn’t have to stick to a stringent work hours. What we had was a deadline…you had to finish by the deadline. You could either work 4 hours a day or 12 hours a day. So it was quite cool so nobody was wondering what you were doing…they didn’t even bother if you slept during your worktime. You just had to be good at your work and finish it on time.

The bad parts? They didn’t pay too well and they weren’t an established company so I didn’t expect them to bring me up. And there were no perks attached. It was just a small company, that is all…that wasn’t very nice.

My boss was a cool guy….he didn’t know too much about software, but he was cool.

In 5 years, I should be doing some technical translation. That’s what I want to do. I want to do it all to myself. For starters doing it myself and then with a team of a few people. Not to be doing it under somebody, but to be on my own. In 30 years, I don’t want to think so far.