Doctor/OBGYN….Serving the poor of Manila

I am a doctor by profession…obstetrycian/gynecologist, but I think it is more my vocation rather than my living. I put up a clinic for the poor and I make sure that the fees that they are paying are just like the government hospital or maybe a little lower. In the process, somehow, I earn a little.

I met a classmate in high school who was really for the poor…right after graduation she asked me to join her and I really believed in her ideas and so I joined her.

Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a doctor because it’s really rather….It’s like you can do magic and doing things like in an emergency…sometimes you feel like you are the only one who can do something in a situation. And I think I really want to be considered as someone who can be a troubleshooter.

My best part was when I had a very long operation, 12 hours, and I was finally able to close the patients abdomen and the patient lived and she was very thankful for what I’ve done.

I’ve been a doctor for almost 20 years now, including the training. There was a lot of training…I really wanted to train so I could do my job well. It wasn’t too much work…I had a bit of professional jealousy from the doctors around because the patients would come back and give me presents…maybe it was the aftercare I gave them. There were days when I’d work for 24 hours at a time…4 years of training…

The worst part is when you get a patient where you can’t do anything and you know anytime they can go. And your heart really goes with the patient. As much as possible you have to go with it…you have to pray in this profession of mine…I can’t do it without god to help me.

In 5 years, I’ll hopefully still be practicing….hopefully just in time to pass my clinic to one of my children. In the long term, I really want to pass my clinic to one of them as it’s really hard to start one.