I Love Working at McDonald’s Australia

I’m a 15 year old from Australian and when I first started working at Maccas i was 14.

When i first applied for Mcdonalds I only did it cos i thought i wouldn’t be employed. BUT I WAS. I had the interview and every thing was great. i started not long after, i was put on front counter and i thought it was great and i was having so much fun.

I worked with great people and everything seemed fun. The managers were nice and I got along with everyone and I made some really great friends. I have got many certificates and awards and prizes for my work there.

I hadn’t even worked there for a year when I got asked to become crew trainer. I am currently under the eye of the managers and they are reporting my work and make feed back on my 100% procedures. I have heard that my new CREW TRAINER badge and hat and stuff are coming in because me and 3 other crew people are being promoted!!!!!!!!

It’s so fun just chatting to my fellow crew mates and managers on our breaks. there have been a few bad incidents when i felt like i couldnt handle it , but i have forgotten all bout them cos all of my happy moments at mc donalds have over wrote them. i have only cried once and that was wen i was tired from doin an open and i was not getting any help in drive thru and all the cars were going over the 330 seconds (when u think about its not really that much time) i ran over to the manager who was doing a fantastic jobh at order taker and i cried to him. we ended up swaping and everything was fine but this is the only “bad” thing i remember

My advice to people is that apply WORK AS HARD AS U CAN!!!!!!! cos its so annoying wen people aren’t pulling there weight and u don’t want people to think u r dumb. Also you can talk to the managers about your hours. I get just over 20 hrs a week. I earned these hours and i want this much. how nice is this, the crew roster manager was like if you cant handle all the hours or you need a break just tell me. THAT IS WICKED!!!!!!!

Yeah maccas rock and get a job there cos its fun and a great way to make friends and its the best job to have cos it opens many doors!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah and it was so much fun last night i taught a back person front WICKED!!!!!!!

sorry gotta go i am going to get ready for work, its going to be a wicked night so laters and APPLY