The true life experience of a Taco Bell Assistant Manager

I am an Assistant Manager for a franchise owned and operated Taco Bell in the city of Richmond Virginia. Before I came to the BELL, I was living in Medina New York. At the time my father was very sick, so after six months I came back to Virginia to be with him. I needed some money to survive on (or try to at the least). So, my first job was at the BELL. January of 1997 was my enrollment into the family of Taco Bell. I really enjoyed it!! I started off as a crew member and really loved working with the other crew members and the managers weren’t bad themselves. They were all cool and would help you if you ever needed anything. They were like your parents. They cared for you and looked out for you, even when you least expected them too. I was promoted within 2 years to Assistant Manager and held that position for a little over a year. I was then abruptly fired. That was Ok, everything except, they had me come to work like everything was alright and I worked my 10 hour shift and was ready to leave when I got called into the dinning room by my boss. He told me he had to let me go. Supposedly I called a female customer a BITCH. I honestly do not recall that. It was actually an employee who did it, but I was thinking about quiting anyway. I was burned out, in such a short time span. I wanted and welcomed the break. I went on with my life and started working at Rennies’s (which is a gas station/convenience store). I loved it. Again, everyone was GREAT! I was there for 14 months and got fired. I accidently sold alcohol to a person that was underage. It was an accident…I had to go to court and I plead guilty and fines and court costs were paid. The thing that hurt me the most was that I lost my job. My boss and his boss (District Manager) hated to let me go. They had to because of company policies. WHAT A BUMMER!!! So, after 3-4 months of not being able to find a job, I decided to give my old District Manager from Taco Bell a call. They were (and seem to always be) hiring. He said he needed to do some thinking and give me a call back within a few days. Those were the longest days of my life. The call came in and it was good news. I started back at the Bell in June of 2001 and have been there, at the same store, ever since.

Working as a Manager brings me joy and grief. I love to be able to work with such a diverse group of people and learn about their beliefs and families. This is the best part of it (I THINK). You can meet so many exciting and interesting people and to have their respect is AWESOME!! Three days ago, I came back to work after having a 2 week vacation and after entering the doorway, I was met with “Welcomes” and hugs and “I Miss You’s”. Let me tell you, that is the best feeling in the world. The worst part of the job for me, is the handfull of customers that come in each day and treat the people working in the restaurant with NO RESPECT. This is the hardest thing for me to handle. We (Employees) have to be nice or get fired, one or the other. Taco Bell has become even more strict with the HOSPITALITY part of the business.

Just to let you know: C.H.A.M.P.S. This is what Taco Bell employees have to live by. C=Cleanliness; H=Hospitality; A=Accuracy; M=Maintainence; P=Product Quality; and S=Speed of Service. This is the golden rule for the BELL.

So, I want to say to that handfull of people…just because you think you can boss someone around because they are working behind the counter, doesn’t mean that it is right. I get people that think I have the lowest job on the face of the earth…well if you believe that, then you have another thing coming. I make more than most people that I know. My husband is a Firefighter for Richmond and I make almost as much as he does. So, for those people–NAH,NAH! :)

As for the boss that I have now. I can’t stand her. I really have no nice things to say about her. She is the type that likes to talk about you behind your back. I don’t get along well with those types of people. I come in to work and do my job the best that I can and go home at the end of the day and think, “What will she say I done wrong today”? This is no way to be acting, especially if you are the store manager. You should be setting and example for your employees and your managers. Well, she doesn’t. I wish her health and happiness, but I dislike her with a passion.

I am a recent graduate of Beta Tech Institute, in the Medical Assistant program and am looking for a job in the medical/healthcare field. As soon as I find a stable position, I will be leaving. I will miss my employees so very much. I am leaving because this is not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I want to help the sick and dying souls, not the GOTTA HAVE A TACO souls.

So, in 5 years, I see myself working with an established Healthcare Company or Doctor. I want to eventually start work with Mentally Challenged kids and adults. I am starting this process right now, in fact. I am enrolling in a college to get my Associate of Science Degree in Psychology.

In 30 years, I see myself retiring with my husband and moving back to my hometown of Narrows, Virginia. It is a very small town located down in the Appalachian Valley.

This is my story and I hope you enjoyed it.



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  1. I am a crewmember at a Taco Bell in Oklahoma......I know everthing you are talking about......I can very much relate to your story.......I love my job, but I don't like some of the people...when i first started there i thought about quiting on the first was hard and i was confused! There are so many things to do and remember...but after awhile i got used to it and liked it...I love to work the front......I like to interact with the customers, not be behind the sceens all the time.. there are customers that come in everyday, and we know them by name......Taco Bell is a good place to work....i plan to be there for a long while until I am out of school.......and get a real(as in profession type or whatever) job.
  2. Whoa -- Narrows, VA! Go big green! HA!
  3. I'm a shift leader at Taco Bell in St. Louis. I love to run speed and get as many cars out of the drive-thru as possible under 60 seconds. I have a club, called the "Speed Demons" who are trained by me to do the same. On good days, we have made 98-100% of our cars for hours on end. My GM broke up my club because she said it was exclusive. So I started running speed tournaments, but they said I shouldn't do that either. I love the job, just not the bad management.
  4. My friends once went through the Taco Bell drive thru and messed with the girl and ordered a "steak diarrhea" and then whe she goes "whaaat?" he goes "a steak quesadilla". He then did all kinds of other stuff to I'm sure drive the woman insane. I'm sure she spit in his food. I think I'd go crazy having to deal with people like that all day.
  5. You seem like a very loving person, and you should be in health care. I can honestly say I have not met anyone like you in one of the fast food restuarants. Most of them are bored teens or ESL immigrants.
  6. I have been in the restaurant business for 21 years. The last 12 in Fast Food, with 9 years of that at Taco Bell. Taco Bell General Managers are on average poor managers. Who can blame them. They have worked 5-6 days a week 10-14 per day as underpaid overworked assistant manager, and when most of them are promoted they forget what it is like as an assistant, and either become a tyrant or a lazy bum. True not all GM's are this way, but the ones that are good often fade too, because they still work the same hours and # of days as before. They burn out quickly. The last franchise I worked for has 15 stores. 3 are run by assistants who are overworked and underpaid. 9 have no assistant managers, only the GM and a couple of hourly shift managers. The last 3 have assistants, but two of those fall into the bad GM catagory. If the people above the store level would drop salaried manager required hours down to 8 per day, and stop thinking "Well when I was a GM I worked 60 plus hours.....and that was good enough for me" then maybe you might get some better results from GMs. Not likely to happen.
    Oh well my advice.........Go to night school and get out of the food business. I am, and I can't wait for that real 8 to 5, M-F job!
  7. The reason that the managers do so poorly is because the ones that do the promoting, wont promote the hard workers that deserve the raise because if they do , then they will have to work for there salary, nothing like training someone with out a clue to be passed over for management because they are lazier or better looking, if the managers would quit promoting the drunks, smokers, and people just because the way they look and see the true hard workers right before there eyes, they wouldnt have so many new hires and manager turn overs or poor managers who dont have a clue, because the hourly crew members are doing all the real work and not getting a decent pay for it.
  8. I see people who do not know squat about how to run a shift get promoted up and the people who know how to run a shift get overlooked. I have also seen managers who want to put the blame for their faults onto other managers so that they will not look bad, and the good managers get the shaft.
  9. I dont know if this is the place to receive any good advice or not, but here I am. I am 23 from Texas and am on my way to starting a career at Taco Bell as a Asst. General Mgr.. The pay seems very good compared to other jobs in this area, almost twice as much as my current job, (8.50 per\hr, 625 per\week) with Taco Bell offering a starting salary of 30,000, I couldnt pass it up. So here I am, all I hear is bad things about Taco Bell, but the money seems pretty good, and as far as the hours, I interviwed with 2 Disrtrict Managers and the Regional GM, which all told me 5, 10 hour shifts. Seems pretty good to me and a good stepping stone to get into management, and maybe someday move on from Taco Bell. I have two kids, a wonderful wife and just want the best for them, and be able to get them some things that they want. Let me know what you think, all replys are very much appreciated.

    Steve Lewis, 23 TX
  10. Who cares, everyones life has some crap and some flowers. Get over it and get on with it. Best o'luck on your plans for the future.
  11. Nice read. Enjoyed the story.
  12. Hey, I don't know if you still receive notes about posts...but i need some taco bell advice. I was recently fired by my assist. RGM, and she gave no more reason than she didn't like my attitude. No other manager, nor the RGM saw any point in it, but the RGM doesn't want to argue it. Do you think it's worth it to report her to the district manager?

    If you do get this, and maybe you could just post an answer, I'd appreciate it.

  13. You know its kind of sad, I came into my job with one thought to make my Tacobell a good place to work, to train my team to be the best. when I took over my store it was a mess on the close down list.
    I have a good team who help me out so much its great, every once in a while I have an employee I have to let go because of bad attitude, I dont know why your manager let you go but if she is worth her beans then it was for a good reason. If not then maybe she should not be in this type of Job.
    My store puts out over $25000 aweek thats alot of tacos, I work 50 hours plus a week but thats what I am paid to do.
    I feel that my company has come through for me when I needed help. I only have 17 people on my team. each one of them is different they are good at different things.
    My assistant manager was a crew member when I came in, I promoted him last month he and I both have been with the company for eight months. I trained him hes great hes an ex marine.
    My husband is one of my shift managers, Its a good place to be.
    Anyone who thinks about tacobell as a long term job its not a bad thing $36000 to start its not bad go look at what most of your friends make who have been to college ect.
    I know that apart from my friend whos a nurse I make better than most. thanks RGM ca
  14. There is a GM in Greensboro, NC that brags to his employees about the fact that Taco Bell only goes back ten years on a background check. He is a two time felon but they went back a few years longer than the 10 and were not found. Since then while still working at his job, he's been arrested several times. I know of two that were for breaking a domestic restraining order. He brags to his employees about how he thinks it's funny how he sits outside his wife's house and watches her and to see who comes and goes from there. He also laughs that when she is not home how he drives around town looking for her car and when he finds it, goes into the stores she is in. He screams at his employees to the point where he has fired a few of them because he pushed them to the point where they almost came to blows. He is always late getting to work. He is supposed to be there at 7:30 am and yet employees are still outside waiting for him well after 8:00. He leaves early every day. He never puts in a 40 hour week and yet he still gets two days off every week. Can somebody explain why this man is still in this position? Seems to me that Taco Bell needs to do a full back ground check when they are hiring someone for such a position as this and paying them that kind of salary. I guess you can murder, rape or molest and as long as it's been over 10 years, you are safe getting hired at Taco Bell. Nice to know. Pass the word around guys. And stay away from this Taco Bell as far as wanting to work there.
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